defund the police

Kristian Lorén supports the Black Lives Matter movement to reform criminal justice and policing practices in the United States. However, there are many movements with different terms. Below are the movements we support. 

Justice Reform

Institutional racism permeates every step of the legal system, from policing to sentencing. We identify organizations that specialize in dismantling racial inequalities and uphold American constitutional rights.

Legal representation

The justice system is a system rife with inequalities based on race and class . We believe competent legal representation is one of the foundational parts of the justice system that needs significant reform. All those charged with a crime should have access to public defenders who are qualified and have the resources necessary to provide a competent defense. For public defenders this includes enough time to properly investigate and defend a defendants case

prison condition

Millions of Americans are incarcerated in overcrowded, violent, and inhumane jails and prisons that do not provide treatment, education, or rehabilitation. In some states incarcerated individuals are also used as a cheap labor force employed in dangerous work conditions (Fighting wild fires in California). This practice should be stopped.

children in adult prison

The charging and punishment of children as adults can be a miscarriage of justice. Kids as young as eight can still be charged as an adult, held in an adult jail, and sentenced to extreme sentences in an adult prison. We need to to protect children from abusive treatment in the adult criminal justice system.

excessive punishment

Decades of harsh and extreme sentencing have left the United States with the world’s highest incarceration rate.  We need to eliminate the excessive punishment, especially for children and people living with poverty, addiction, or mental illness.

Black Lives Will Thrive

The black lives matter movement is more than a movement about Criminal Justice and Police reform. The black live matter movement also want black lives to thrive. To that end, We as a society need to do more to ensure black lives will thrive.